Thoughts on Mind – 6 March 2015

JW Kimbro II Ideas, Test

Creativity, Structure, and Balance, what do these Elements combine to?

These are some of my core foundations, that I recognize when I try to get down to basics and simplify my continually evolving journey.

Creativity is helpful for utilizing my right brain extensively, I need to look at the big picture, set goals one can dream of, and find myself in a new adventure. Watching film, reading stories, listening to music, and sounds, all help me get into the groove and creative side. When I feel off balance, or need to resync my practices, I put all aside and dive into a project, find some Delta tunes to jive to, and let my mind wander to new levels. I usually space out 15-45 minutes, dependent on what my schedule is like when I need to gain control. If it is something I can return to, I will eventually hash out a fair amount to time building a frame when I can work with my creative side.

Structure is something that keeps me on track, I try to be organized as I can be, including when I have organized chaos. Time to declutter is essential, I usually square off about a good 30 minutes to an hour a week, where I can focus on just pickup of my items I disperse, in my home, desk or car, this time is also allocated for reorganizing my Feng Shui. Structure keeps me sane with all the activities, and media that comes through my life and eyes. I try to say in a balanced zone, without getting too comfortable, to be safe not to get a routine that is robotic. Keeping a Calendar is helpful for me, but when I get down to the hour or minutes, life can be micromanaged, so I try to set plans accordingly.

Everyone has their own balance they create whether they like it or not. I choose to find a few times a week where I can rest in solitude, and gather thoughts from the deep mind. I can either find a space inside my room, and dim the lights, or find a spot to walk, new path to explore on bike, and even sit down in the steam room at the rec center. Balance allows me to combine my left and right elements of my brain and think through the middle without creating stress. I will pickup on this topic at a later date, today is just a space in time I felt would be appropriate to get off some of my core ideas on my mind.

Combining these foundations on a daily basis, allows me to be one with myself and feel at ease, no pressure and be myself, I’m not trying to preach any of my ideas, yet if there is something you can learn, or something that you can relate to, I feel I am doing my due diligence, and its also something that could be brought up in conversation, whether with me, yourself, or any others out there that may have similar thinking.

JW Kimbro II