Hockey Team- GoDaddy Spring/ Summer 2015

Preemptive Team Roster for Cedar Rapids Adult Hockey League

Will be emailing information as provided – Contact me about Gear Inquires/ League Fees

 As of now looks as though we may have a good amount of players interested, if so there may be a potential for 2 teams!

Also be sure to let your friends or teammates know, the more the merrier!

Created a repository of gear I own and recommendations, check this out for what you need, and price estimates. (Updated – 1/28/2015)

JW Kimbro

Brock Murphy

Tyler Johnson

Reggie Carter

Nick Link

Aaron Rowland

Cory Saunders

Daren Barker

Alex Johnson

Bradley Dixon

Cody Snitker

Connor Snitker

Britton Ballard

•Jason Miller

•Sean Starr

*Gary Luck

*Dustin Traeger

*Jonathan  Levelle

*Brandon Hanes

*Michael Mulholland

*Marc Muklewicz

*Chris Gallo

*Justin Daniel

*Dom Schnell

*Jason Tomash

*Thomas Wolfe

*Chris Ervin

*Jeff Gonzalez

* Denotes – Interested, yet still waiting for commitment

• Denotes – Non GoDaddy Employee