Introduction to My Digital Portfolio

From organization in home to on the web, my goal is to extend some thoughts and promote ideas to the world. Collections, libraries, and databases of knowledge are things I value, and would like to contribute how to start up, maintain and plan putting these to valid use. Continue perusing this continuum directory I have put together, and follow my journey as we all evolve our minds.

Brain Spinning
Percent of the Time

Ideas and Thoughts

Daily life blogging may sound bland and dry, what I pan on doing is creating a series of practices and mindset provoking articles, that will stimulate your own thoughts. Keep an opened mind, and who knows some of my values may come to your conscious and shed light to a new beginning. I enjoy feedback and discussion, allowing us to expand and contribute to society.

Continue to the Mind

Fitness and Progressions

On my journey through life,  I’ve been with recreational sports and training, I value this into my daily regimen to endure a longer time on earth as well as being able broaden my network. Health, nutrition, strength and balance can be words and phrases that may sound daunting, yet once you persue, and continue regularly they become more of a lifestyle as opposed to a temporary commitment. I as most, enjoy watching sports, as well as practicing, currently I am involved with hockey, weight training, self guided yoga, and field events.


Culture and History

Reseach, reading and learning, are components to my ever changing atmosphere. Finding new motives and expanding on past trends or philosophies, that may have been lost are small tidbits that make me myself, I plan on sharing some of what I learn, be it if it’s a reference to a book, an idea that I summoned up,  or just glimpse of worldly culture, stay tuned!

Global Media

Technology Interests

A large part of my background involves the world of tech, whether I’m tearing down a cell phone or building up a computer, most of my friends and family know me as the go to computer smith. I am currently working on expanding my horizons with learning programming languages that will help my life goals, and ease automation.

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